We first moved near the Squaw Peak Mountains in 2007, next to our backyard was a ravine. I became intrigued with the  sounds of the birds in the ravine. Surprisingly, many of the wild bird breeds were small in size.

In the mornings, I would see yellow birds (Gold Finches). Wanting to attract them, we bought some bird feeders that looked like small houses made out of cedar and hung them on the tree. Instead of attracting the Gold Finches, we got mostly Finches and Morning Doves (much prettier to look at than the larger pigeons you see in shopping center parking lots).

We built a fenced bird haven with poles staked into the ground to hang the feeders. This haven would keep the predators away while the birds were feeding. The large pigeons were a challenge to keep out. After almost three years of buying various bird feeders through Duncraft.  We now have a variety of birds in our yard. We bought a 3 ft. long Yellow Spiral Finch Feeder (36″ length) and a Yellow 20-Port Thistle Finch Feeder (36″ length)that attracts the very shy Gold Finches. Its fascinating to watch more than a dozen of them feeding all at once. Their feeders are separated from the ones for the rambunctious variety of Finches and the Morning Doves.

Feeding wild birds has become one of our favorite past times. Because of the wildlife near our home, we had to try different means of providing water for the birds due to predators, owls and Roadrunners. I never knew that these birds preyed on other birds. Standing bird baths or ground bird baths (we have a small fence built around ours) is unsafe when the predators are around. Hanging bird water coolers (a form of bird baths) also protect the birds from predators while drinking.

We have found great joy from feeding our wild birds and giving back to nature.

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